Rocks Single


Announcing our new single ‘Rocks’, out now on Upcycled Sounds.

It’s taken from our forthcoming EP sparrowfeather. It’s about London, and everything hidden underneath it: buried rivers, forgotten holy wells, underground trains and urban fox-holes.

The whole EP is available now as part of our picture postcard series, created by Rebecca Loweth. Buy here.

Feedback so far…

“I love your honouring of holy wells buried beneath the street, and urge to “let a little firelight in”… That, in the hearts of streetwise saints whose mountain caves are hidden in the tower blocks and the tenement halls.”

Alastair McIntosh (Soil & Soul author)

“…combines folk instruments, accordion and fiddle, with bass and drums but without going all folk-rock.  In fact, their music displays great subtlety.”

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The song is depicted in one of three picture postcards commissioned from collage artist Rebecca Loweth: “This work shows two very similar postcards that feed into one another, highlighting the ceaseless reproduction and the prescriptive aesthetic of the commercial holiday souvenir. Collage creates an interruption, I am fascinated by the idea of desire and loss of the image. My work asks the audience to look at the familiar imagery with a renewed curiosity and fascination.”

80 postcards with Rebecca’s art are available on Bandcamp, and come with a free download of the single.

Hannah Jakes: accordion and vocals
Will Palmer: bass and vocals
Anna Parino: violins and vocals
Eddy Spirit: drums
Joe Woods: guitars and lead vocals

Written by Joe Woods, arranged by jay sunaway
Artwork by Rebecca Loweth
Recorded and mixed by Niko O’Brien, Upcycled Sounds
Produced by Upcycled Sounds
Mastered by Felix Davis, Metropolis Studios